How To Give Your Business A Brand Refresh

How To Give Your Business A Brand Refresh

Written by Bryan McCoury on 03/03/16

Often times, businesses need to refresh their brand and give it new life. A logo or brand image that has been in place for a long time can become stale and uninteresting. At Rusty Hook Marketing, we understand that sometimes you don't need to completely re-brand your business. With a little refreshment and added interest, our team can give your brand the image you're working for. So, how can we give your business a brand refresh to help you "Catch More"?

Clean Up Your Logo

We find that many of our clients complicate their logo. A logo should represent your business, after all it is often the face of your company. A good logo is clean and simple but tells the story of what your business is about. After several years, Cummings & Kennedy Law Firm was ready to refresh their brand with a new logo design. Although their previous logo was simplistic and clean, the firm was looking for a new, different appeal to clients. Our team at Rusty Hook took a modern approach to their logo design and developed a fresh, new look.

Update Your Website

Your website should showcase your business. It is important that you keep your site updated so that customers and potential customers can find accurate and current information about what you do. So, if you haven't paid attention to your website in a while, it's probably time to update the content, pictures and information.

If your website's design doesn't mirror your brand image, it's probably time for a complete new website design. Today, more and more people are using the web to do research before making a buying decision, whether they're buying a product or service. So, it's more important than ever for your website to give potential customers the right vibe for your business. Don't let your website stay stuck in decades past. Our team at Rusty Hook specializes in developing responsive web designs that are modern, match your business' brand image and allow people to view your business' site across all platforms.

For our clients at Cummings & Kennedy, they were ready to launch a completely new website design with their new logo. We worked to develop a straightforward design that provides useful information and encourages website visitors to take the next step. Check out the new Cummings & Kennedy Law Firm logo and website design below. With a fresh new look for their firm, Cummings & Kennedy is ready to take on new clients and keep growing as a business.

Refreshing your brand keeps your brand image the same in a changing market while expanding your reach to new customers by creating more buzz. Revitalize your brand, attract new customers and create a significant digital presence with our branding solutions. Let our team at Rusty Hook Marketing help you "Catch More" with a brand refresh for your business.

How To Give Your Business A Brand Refresh
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