What's Google got to do with it?

What's Google got to do with it?

Written by Bryan McCoury on 11/10/15

Earlier this year Google made a change to adapt more to the mobile-friendly world. Google announced their mobile-friendly update that went in to effect in April. The update boosted the rankings of mobile-friendly pages in mobile search results worldwide. This means that pages designed for large screens only saw a significant decrease in rankings on mobile search results.

What does that mean for you and your website?

We suggest you take the Mobile-Friendly Test, by clicking here. The mobile-friendly change is a page-level not site-level boost. Therefore, only the pages that are NOT mobile-friendly will be negatively impacted on mobile devices. This change will not effect searches on desktops. For example, if 2 of your site's pages are mobile-friendly and 10 pages are not mobile-friendly, your 2 pages will be positively impacted and the other 10 will be negatively impacted.

So, what should you do if your website and pages are not mobile-friendly?

We suggest changing your website to a responsive design immediately. If you have worked hard to achieve a high Google search ranking and your website's pages are not mobile-friendly, you could lose your spot on mobile search results. A responsive website will take the same site that appears on a desktop and alter it depending on the size of the mobile device. The site will remain fully-functioning and aesthetically pleasing while taking advantage of Google's mobile-friendly update.

At Rusty Hook Marketing we specialize in developing responsive web designs so that your website can be easily accessible and used across all platforms. To convert your website to mobile-friendly and maintain your Google search rankings, it's important to act as soon as possible! Contact us today to learn more about switching to mobile-friendly.

What's Google got to do with it?
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