Why taking a balanced path to digital marketing is most important

Why taking a balanced path to digital marketing is most important

Written by Bre Garner on 06/06/16

What avenue of digital marketing will provide my company with the best return? That question is often the first question I am asked during a meeting to discuss digital marketing. The answer is actually all avenues. A balanced digital marketing plan will give your business the most exposure and best return. With studies showing that 70% of businesses plan to increase their marketing budget in 2016, it is important your business isn’t left behind.

1. Website & Search Engine Optimization

One of the first steps in digital marketing is to create a presence. In addition to being listed with the major search engines, google, bing, and yahoo, it is important to have a website. Your website should be reflective of your businesses products and/or services giving visitors to your site a “feel” for your company. Your website should be responsive allowing for easy use and ability to find information on mobile devices. In addition to having a digital presence, it is important that the content on your website and search engines are accurate and updated frequently. Search engines use the content on your site to learn how to serve up your site. A hair dresser that has a lot of information on their site about extensions, will likely be served up closer to the top when a potential client searches for “hair extensions in my area.” If that hair dresser has nothing about hair extensions on their website, they can’t expect for search engines to provide their information when a user searches for hair extensions.

2.Social Media Management & Blogging

Having an active presence on social media is very important. If someone visits your site and wants to know more information about your company, they may visit your Facebook. If your Facebook doesn’t have any posts since 2012, it is possible that potential customer will go to another company that has an updated and engaging Facebook. With Facebook posts, it is more important that you focus on quality, engaging posts that are relevant to your business’ audience than posting frequently. We recommend posting relevant information 2-3 times per week but this is oftentimes different depending on the type of company you have. If you own a restaurant, you may want to post your specials on a daily basis, and that is perfectly acceptable. In addition to reaching Social Media users, blogging and posts that drive viewers to your website will also help to increase your search engine placement. A dry cleaning company may have a blog that gives helpful tips on getting certain types of stains out of fabrics. They may make a post on Facebook & Twitter with the link to their blog. A Facebook user will oftentimes like the post, visit the link, and therefore increase your presence and traffic to your site.

3.Paid Advertisements

Social Media Management and blogging do not immediately show results. It takes several months to increases your search engine presence using an organic method. Facebook ads and pay-per-click ads can drive traffic to your site immediately. Just $25 spent each month on boosting Facebook posts can increase your exposure by 1,500 views! Running specials or discounts and promoting those sales via paid advertisement can increase success of those sales. Paid advertisement also provides you with the ability to track results. You can target certain demographics and analyze the return, allowing you to contour your approach accordingly.

So, what is the recipe to the most successful Digital Marketing plan? A balance! It is very important that you link your Ads and posts to your website. Search Engine’s index your site and digital presence several times per month. The more digital platforms you appear; the more content search engines have to index your site and therefore understand what products or services you provide to target the correct audience. Each platform works together. Balancing your digital presence, steady social media posts and blogging, and paid advertisement gives you the most exposure resulting in even more business!

Why taking a balanced path to digital marketing is most important
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